Monday, December 31, 2007

Dec 2007

We've had a very full December and it's been filled with some really great milestones:

    -We celebrated Decklin's 1st Christmas and 1st birthday a few days later. He's taking steps on his own and learning new words by leaps and bounds. I'm always amazed at what their little minds absorb from us. Bryon and I were so happy to give him a China free Christmas and birthday with some wonderful USA made toys. It was a nice feeling to see him enjoying those simple things with no bells and whistles and above all knowing that they are safe for him.
      -Skylar graduated from Kindergarten on 12/26/07. She'll be starting first grade this week. So big so fast : ). Today first grade, tomorrow college LOL, just kidding.
        -Summer, well Ms. Summer stopped sucking her thumb of her own free will and gave up her beloved elephants. Which she held in bed while sucking her thumb. She is happy to have them watching her from the top of the dresser and has not asked to have them or to suck her thumb in bed in over 10 days! Way to go Summer!

        My brother gave the girls each a yoda sized light saber for Christmas. He had given us a full sized one earlier in the year. And of course our little guy took to them right away. Turn on a light saber and he smiles for ear to ear and tries to get it LOL.