Sunday, November 4, 2007

Happy Halloween!!!

We did some fun crafts this halloween. We made chocolate covered pretzel rods one day with my brother when he came to visit. Made halloween cupcakes another day when my brother came to visit. (he must bring out our sweet tooth LOL). They made foam halloween houses with their dad one day which they all had fun doing. The girls made some foam pumpkins on halloween while they enjoyed Noggin's commercial free halloween specials.

For halloween Decklin was a pirate. Skylar and Summer were butterflies. We took them trick or treating to 4 of our neighbors (who were so generous with candy). They made our first halloween in our new home so special for the kids. It's great having such kind and friendly neighbors who will go out of their way for you. Our kids were the only on our streets trick or treating. After visiting with our neighbors, we took the kids to my Mother in Laws. We chit chatted there a bit and the kids got some nice little halloween goodies my MIL put together. Summer was anxious to get home and look at all her candy LOL. Also they had a dentist appointment the next day so they had to get up early.

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