Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Studies update.....

Skylar is doing just fantastic on her reading. She is flying through the first set of Bob books. I know not everyone who reads about our school days is familiar with bob books. They are a step-by-step, book-by-book program to guide the child gently through the early stages of reading. Each level addresses a stage in a child's reading development. There are 5 sets in all (12 books in each set). Skylar is working her way through set one which introduces the alphabet (except Q) with very basic three-letter words and short vowels. There are 12 books in each set. She has just completed book 7. (

I still can't believe I, little old me helped her gain this skill. Wow I'm still floating on cloud nine from this LOL.

This week both the girls have enjoyed using Ed Emberly's Drawing Book of Animals. I have to say even I got in on this drawing fun and we all made some very cool animals. Both the girls did such neat animals but I was so impressed that Summer was able to follow along with the book to draw her own creations. I have to say, thumbs up on this book!!!

Handwriting: (
Summer has been enjoying lots of time playing with the hands on letter pieces that are part of the handwriting without tears program. What a neat way to really learn the letters, by building them and holding them. So I jumped on her interest and ordered her more of their materials to do during her "school time". I got her the Get set for school book, the slate chalk board and the roll a dough letters (playdough letters basically). She can't wait for UPS to arrive LOL.

Skylar is using some Handwriting without tears also. She's working in their K level book now but I went ahead and ordered her the 1st grade book, the new chalk board that's lined and a draw and write journal (she loves to work in her journal). So we are all waiting for UPS to arrive so we can pull out our new fun stuff : )

Skylar is doing great in math with both programs she's using. "Math is fun", is something she says everyday. It's amazing that I am learning new ways to do math by doing it with her. Very cool stuff!

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