Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I have to laugh as I look over these photos of the girls. I joke and call them the princesses of the panties since they hate wearing more than their undershirts and underwear. Only in this school is showing up in your underwear okay LOL.
Thist month our little Decklin is learning to self feed. He's sitting on his own and just beginning to crawl. Summer is working on some handwriting using handwriting without tears wood pieces. I just ordered her the preschool book and their slate chalk board which I think she'll enjoy.
Skylar is up to book 6 of the Bob book, series 1 (this is a set of books she's reading). Here she is with Decklin learning life skills I'd say, how to tend to and nuture a baby. She just loves her brother. Last but not least, a photo of our new ferrets.

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