Monday, April 23, 2007

Our Curriculum

SR Kindergarten:

  • Math: Developmental math & Singapore
  • Picture Study: via Language Lessons
  • Science: Sonlight Core B books, Sonlight science K modified, science notebooks, nature walks/nature study, as many animal and bug books as desired
  • Handicrafts: finger painting, card making, drawing, story narrations
  • Habit training: manners and behaviors expected through daily life
  • Life Skills: help set and clear dinner table, help with laundry, clean up play and toy rooms
  • Language Arts: Language Lessons for Little Ones, Explode the code and A reason for handwriting (as a model)
  • History and Bible: Sonlight Core B
SJ Preschool:
  • ABC coloring books
  • Language Lessons for little ones Vol 1, The Code Primer Series
  • listens in on all readings and does her own science notebook
  • does handicrafts, habits and life skills with her sister
Our schedule:
  • Each day as many of Language lessons as SR wishes (usually at least 4), SJ does as many as she wishes as well.
  • Each day: SR does 1-2 pages of ETC, SR about 4 or more (she loves these)
  • Each day: 1 page of Dev Math and 1 page Singapore
  • Sonlight core B: usually do one weeks reading over two days. And science twice a week.
  • Nature walks once a week

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