Monday, December 31, 2007

Dec 2007

We've had a very full December and it's been filled with some really great milestones:

    -We celebrated Decklin's 1st Christmas and 1st birthday a few days later. He's taking steps on his own and learning new words by leaps and bounds. I'm always amazed at what their little minds absorb from us. Bryon and I were so happy to give him a China free Christmas and birthday with some wonderful USA made toys. It was a nice feeling to see him enjoying those simple things with no bells and whistles and above all knowing that they are safe for him.
      -Skylar graduated from Kindergarten on 12/26/07. She'll be starting first grade this week. So big so fast : ). Today first grade, tomorrow college LOL, just kidding.
        -Summer, well Ms. Summer stopped sucking her thumb of her own free will and gave up her beloved elephants. Which she held in bed while sucking her thumb. She is happy to have them watching her from the top of the dresser and has not asked to have them or to suck her thumb in bed in over 10 days! Way to go Summer!

        My brother gave the girls each a yoda sized light saber for Christmas. He had given us a full sized one earlier in the year. And of course our little guy took to them right away. Turn on a light saber and he smiles for ear to ear and tries to get it LOL.

        Sunday, November 4, 2007

        Happy Halloween!!!

        We did some fun crafts this halloween. We made chocolate covered pretzel rods one day with my brother when he came to visit. Made halloween cupcakes another day when my brother came to visit. (he must bring out our sweet tooth LOL). They made foam halloween houses with their dad one day which they all had fun doing. The girls made some foam pumpkins on halloween while they enjoyed Noggin's commercial free halloween specials.

        For halloween Decklin was a pirate. Skylar and Summer were butterflies. We took them trick or treating to 4 of our neighbors (who were so generous with candy). They made our first halloween in our new home so special for the kids. It's great having such kind and friendly neighbors who will go out of their way for you. Our kids were the only on our streets trick or treating. After visiting with our neighbors, we took the kids to my Mother in Laws. We chit chatted there a bit and the kids got some nice little halloween goodies my MIL put together. Summer was anxious to get home and look at all her candy LOL. Also they had a dentist appointment the next day so they had to get up early.

        Saturday, October 27, 2007


        This month our little guy has learned how fun ripping up paper is. He's going to town on that napkin.
        • The girls and I are about on week 28 of our Sonlight Core B reading now. I realized this week that wow we've done two years of Core B already. Though we have really enjoyed it, I just cannot go through the same core again for a 3rd time. I had it narrowed to Winter Promise Journeys of Imagination or Sonlight Core C. I've decided to go with a mix of Sonlight and Ambleside. I have made my own curriculum using various books by both and others I just wish to cover this year. We are also going to be reading about how children around the world live, which both girls seem highly interested in learning about. We'll also do notebooking this year for our children study, coloring a map coloring book and maybe doing a flag for each country. We'll find the places on our globe and possibly have a large wall map and mark where we've studied. The science notebook will be similar to what we are doing now but different topics. I have our curriculum on a link at the top of the blog.
        • Summer wants to start Singapore math in Jan.
        • Skylar wants to keep Singapore but get rid of Developmental math which I am pretty sure I will do.
        • They are loving our first chapter book read aloud called Doll People. Each day they are on the edge of their seats waiting to see what happens.
        • I have to get our halloween craft photos up but have not had a chance to do that yet. But will get to that soon.


        We were making some Thanksgiving cards.
        We had a good time. Still have more to go
        but that's two down out of 12 so far : ).

        This month our little man is self feeding (he still nurses on demand but dabbles in various table foods). He is also standing holding on to things, yay Decklin!

        Sunday, September 2, 2007

        Skylar and Summer did some tomato picking with my MIL in her garden. We are in the desert and grass is not that plentiful. I had to giggle to watch them walk on her gated grass area, it was like they were going to fall into the ocean the way they clung to the stepping stones.

        We had some fun doing make overs one day. I let the girls do my make up and they did each other's. It was such a fun time! When my parents came for a visit the girls had a day of beauty with their (nails painted) ala my mom.

        We went to lunch on my birthday, I'd call that life skills if I were to label it. We went to a very fancy restaurant, and my girls were perfect little ladies. As always, they made me proud : )

        Wednesday, August 15, 2007

        Studies update.....

        Skylar is doing just fantastic on her reading. She is flying through the first set of Bob books. I know not everyone who reads about our school days is familiar with bob books. They are a step-by-step, book-by-book program to guide the child gently through the early stages of reading. Each level addresses a stage in a child's reading development. There are 5 sets in all (12 books in each set). Skylar is working her way through set one which introduces the alphabet (except Q) with very basic three-letter words and short vowels. There are 12 books in each set. She has just completed book 7. (

        I still can't believe I, little old me helped her gain this skill. Wow I'm still floating on cloud nine from this LOL.

        This week both the girls have enjoyed using Ed Emberly's Drawing Book of Animals. I have to say even I got in on this drawing fun and we all made some very cool animals. Both the girls did such neat animals but I was so impressed that Summer was able to follow along with the book to draw her own creations. I have to say, thumbs up on this book!!!

        Handwriting: (
        Summer has been enjoying lots of time playing with the hands on letter pieces that are part of the handwriting without tears program. What a neat way to really learn the letters, by building them and holding them. So I jumped on her interest and ordered her more of their materials to do during her "school time". I got her the Get set for school book, the slate chalk board and the roll a dough letters (playdough letters basically). She can't wait for UPS to arrive LOL.

        Skylar is using some Handwriting without tears also. She's working in their K level book now but I went ahead and ordered her the 1st grade book, the new chalk board that's lined and a draw and write journal (she loves to work in her journal). So we are all waiting for UPS to arrive so we can pull out our new fun stuff : )

        Skylar is doing great in math with both programs she's using. "Math is fun", is something she says everyday. It's amazing that I am learning new ways to do math by doing it with her. Very cool stuff!

        Tuesday, August 7, 2007

        I have to laugh as I look over these photos of the girls. I joke and call them the princesses of the panties since they hate wearing more than their undershirts and underwear. Only in this school is showing up in your underwear okay LOL.
        Thist month our little Decklin is learning to self feed. He's sitting on his own and just beginning to crawl. Summer is working on some handwriting using handwriting without tears wood pieces. I just ordered her the preschool book and their slate chalk board which I think she'll enjoy.
        Skylar is up to book 6 of the Bob book, series 1 (this is a set of books she's reading). Here she is with Decklin learning life skills I'd say, how to tend to and nuture a baby. She just loves her brother. Last but not least, a photo of our new ferrets.

        The girls and I were in the family room and noticed this roadrunner.
        He and his mate were actually perched on the bottom of the swing set. This is as close as I could get without making him run.
        As you can tell we love nature. Here is a neat beetle we saw when watering our trees.

        Bryon playing the guitar. Everyone appreciating it.
        Skylar working on her handwriting book. Below the girls work on their handwriting books.